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3RL Registration

How 3rl communicates with you - Create your account profile as a team contact, player, or parent/guardian

With your account profile you will be able to interact with our registration system in the appropriate capacity. (player, team contact, and parent/guardian - (parents who are registering player(s) and then assigning their players to events and school team rosters)

Note: Parent/guardians - Do not have your player register separately as the 3rl registration system may see this entry as a duplicate and prevent event and team assignment entry.

Note:  Occasionally, your role could be both, a team contact who has payment, team administration responsibilities and also a parent/guardian who is creating accounts for one or more of their children.  If you are in this category, PLEASE CREATE a team contact account AND Parent/guardian account.  (each with a unique email address)

Per the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, if you are under the age of 13, please have a parent/guardian complete your account information.

3 Rivers Lacrosse

Clicking button will save your account profile and you will receive two emails.  

1. Email contains an activation link that will confirm your profile in our system (please click link to confirm)

2. Email that contains information specific for your profile.


  1. You will receive an email with an "activation link."  from 3rl@jawd.us

  2. Clicking this link will activate your account and allow you to complete event registration as a player, team contact, and parent/guardian.

  3. This activation is REQUIRED for Event and team registration.

  4. You may now "sign in" with your username and password and REGISTER FOR YOUR EVENTS


  • Account Activation IS NOT registering for an event.
  • You must "sign in" with your username and password to complete registration for event and team requirements

"Occasionally this activation email may get trapped in your browser's "spam filter."  Please check this folder should this occur. "